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Transport-forwarding service


Financial guarantee and cargo insurance


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Transport-forwarding service

The delivery of cargo by sea and trucking transport:

                                          Sea shipment

     The main directions of sea shipment  are South-Eastern Asia, India, Africa, China, countries of Europe. Owing to the well-developed net of partner companies we have an opportunity to perform loading process most effectively and also coordinate all the questions concerning goods transportation. We perform cargo movement monitoring and inform our customer about the cargo destination, we  are cooperating with all sea lines, which allows us to find most competitive propositions in the market of sea shipment.

                                    Trucking shipment

     Our company performs international, intercity cargo haulage, also transportation of goods requiring special temperature of storage or any other control, cargo of bigger size. We own vehicles and rent vehicles as well. All the vehicles are insured in TT-Club.
Our specialists give consultations on the customer's request.


     Our company performs documentation processing of import, export and transit cargoes in Odessa and Illyichevsk ports. On the customer's request we  provide for re-package of goods, marking, storage and placement of cargoes in the Storehouse of temporary storage and also surveyer's service if necessary.

                                                      Customs service

     Our company provides for a complex of customs clearance service including export-import and transit cargoes registration, enterprises accreditation, consultation service, license and certificates issue. License on customs clerance performance (issue АВ № 480965 of 04.08.2009).

                                      Cargo haulage with company “Favorit Plus Ltd” is of guaranteed quality.